Calcium Carbonate for Foaming Solutions

Omya Calcium Carbonate is an integral part of foam formulations to improve functionality and reduce costs.

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For applications such as mattresses and upholstered furniture, there are different requirements for the foam density, which is adjusted with the cell structure. One way to change the density is to add Calcium Carbonate, which influences the general cell structure and strengthens the cell walls.
Calcium Carbonate is available in a variety of particle sizes and particle size distributions, with its individual influence on the rheology of liquids. Omya specialists help PUR foam producers select the right product to achieve the best dispersion for homogeneous cell size distribution and strong cell walls, as well as the highest possible addition rates for high profitability.


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Calcium Carbonate is the most important mineral in producing PVC foam and is used in high concentrations for products such as graphics cards, profiles, and foam core tubes. At high filler contents, it is important to choose the right Calcium Carbonate to maintain the required balance between stiffness, lightweight, and impact resistance. Omya has worked with the industry from the beginning and is continuously developing new products and ideas to further increase filler content and improve profitability. If you would like to learn about the latest developments to produce a PVC foam that is even lighter than the foams commonly available on the market, get in touch with Omya.

New Omyfoam is available for rigid PVC foam applications.  


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The polymer value chain is no exception to the process of continuous improvement in cost efficiency and supply chain optimization. Omya products and solutions help improve profitability by lowering overall raw material cost and increasing productivity.




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